Desktop Support

Desktop support from Business Services, forms an essential part of running your computer systems and networks on a daily basis. It involves providing technical support to everyone in your office who uses software and operating systems such as WindowsLinux or Macintosh. Anyone who has ever worked on computers in an office environment will know that, occasionally, inexplicable problems occur on your PC. The job of support staff is to resolve tricky issues like these as quickly as possible. A trained professional will be able to troubleshoot problems involving:

  • Email
  • Software problems
  • Installations issues with programs
  • Installing and repairing new hardware devices
  • Resolve network and internet issues quickly

Because of the broad range of knowledge required, technicians have to be sufficient across a number of different platforms and knowledgeable about a number of different systems. At Business Services, our technicians in Desktop support in South Africa, benefit from over 15 years’ experience in this industry. This means that we offer fantastic turnaround times when it comes resolving issues or simply performing maintenance tasks.

Most business are deadline driven and any downtime on systems means less time available for work. With us on call, you no longer need to worry about this happening and can instead focus on the management of your business. This is especially apparent when a trained professional, like those at Business Services, resolves and simplifies seemingly complicated tasks. Contact us today to find out how we can save you time and money.