Voice over Internet Protocol, commonly referred to as VoIP is a must-have product for businesses in the technological age. Not only will your communication options be vastly improved – the cost savings you will experience almost immediately will leave you stunned.

In South Africa, it is common knowledge that one major company largely controls landline communications, but with VoIP you can trust your internet provider to keep you connected at all times.

Voice over IP does exactly what the name implies – sends voice data over your internet connection. And when you couple the benefits of VoIP with a long-standing company committed to product and service excellence such as Innovative Networks – you get one of the best VoIP packages around.

Innovative Networks has been in the IT industry for well over 24 years, and during that time we have tailored our products and services to ensure that our clients get the best quality at reasonable prices. We are not solely focused on the now, and understand that contributing a service to a client is a long-term relationship, not simply a quick sale.

Some of the important benefits of Voice of IP to remember are:

  • VoIP is a huge cost saver

  • Phone portability is quick and easy

  • There is no geographical boundary

  • Excellent features such as door buzzer integrations, voicemail to email transcription and conference calling can be set up easily

Don’t delay, contact a friendly consultant at Innovative Networks today and we will gladly assist in finding the VoIP package or solution to best suit your needs.