More and more businesses are starting to turn to Voice over IP solutions. This product has evolved over the years and has become an ideal solution that not only improves your communication system, but also saves you money.

When it comes to general landlines and telephone systems, South Africa is unfortunately still stuck with one major company calling the shots, but Voice over IP allows you to turn to your internet provider instead.

This in turn prevents long turnaround times, frustrating service and high costs – especially with Innovative Networks, a company that has been established in the industry for almost two decades. We have tailored our products to cater for businesses of all sizes, and only provide the best quality equipment to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

There are many benefits to sending voice data over your internet connection, including fast phone portability, no geographical boundaries and a range of exceptional features which include transcription of voicemail to email, conference calling and even door buzzer integration.

Don’t get stuck with high prices for frustrating service and regular landline issues. Chat to a consultant at Innovative Networks today and we will help create a Voice over IP solution that perfectly suits your budget and business.